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Annual report on car theft

NICBs Yearly Report on Vehicle Theft

Hot Spots Report is the reflection of the vehicle thefts on per capita basis. A specific area having moderate number of thefts and smaller population has higher theft rates when compared to those areas with much more important theft vehicle problem and bigger population. Here are the top 10 places that are prone in vehicle theft starting from the number one up to the last.

The first one is Fresno in California, second is Modesto, California, third is Bakersfield-Delano, California and fourth is Spokane, Washington. The fifth most prone metro area to vehicle theft is Yakima, Washington. There are actually six metro areas that tied in the sixth place namely San Francisco, Oakland and Fremont, California. Stockton, California came in the seventh place followed by Anderson, S.C. The next one is the Vallejo-Fairfield, California area and the tenth spot goes to Visalia-Porterville, California.

NICB’s report examines the vehicle theft data that is obtained from National Crime Information Centre or NCIC for every nation’s MSAs. The MSA is designated by OMB or Office of Management and Budget and often includes are that are larger than cities in which they’re named. A good example is the Fresno California, the MSA incudes all the thefts in the whole county of Fresno and not only city of Fresno. In the report, it is being said that there is a 3.3% decrease when it comes to vehicle thefts compared in 2010. NCIB aims in helping the people in knowing the vehicle theft areas by means of giving this report.

Annual report or car theft


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Meghean —

I live in a small town about an hour away from Spokane, and there are a surprising amount of car thefts here as well. This really gave me a great mental checklist to go over to really make sure I’m doing all I can to prevent it. Great infographic, by the way. The information is a lot easier to process when it’s in such an artistic simple form like this – inspired! 😀

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