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Key Duplicating Guidelines For Businesses

Key Duplicating in Mesa

Locks alone don’t make for a secure business. Establishing and following good security practices will reduce the chance of your business property being vandalized or burglarized. Having strict control over the number of keys to your business is an important aspect of good business security, so you’ll need to have tight rules regarding key duplicating.

The more keys there are to your locks, the less secure those locks are. While you can keep good track of keys in your possession, do you know where keys entrusted to your managers and assistant managers are at all times?

What if your employees lose their keys? What if they’re stolen? Is it possible one of their friends or relatives may duplicate the key to your store? These are all questions business owners must answer when they decide how many keys they want in circulation.

While you may feel that you can trust your employees, statistics show that internal theft is a major source of loss to businesses. In fact, one in five businesses that go under cite internal theft as a major contributing factor to their closure. Even if you have the most ethical team in the country, you may not be so sure of their friends and associates who may have knowledge of your business and access to your employees’ keys.

When setting policies regarding keys for your business, follow these tips for good security:

  • Consider having your keys stamped with the “do not duplicate” label. Nearly all locksmiths will honor this designation, which typically forbids duplication of these keys without the express written consent of the business owner.
  • Explain your key duplicating policy to your employees. Tell them that duplicating their keys to your facilities is forbidden and make them sign agreements not to duplicate keys.
  • Establish an employee key responsibility policy. Make sure your employees know that they are responsible for keeping track of their keys, and set appropriate penalties for misplacing or losing keys.
  • Consider a master key system. In a master key system, you will have a master key that gives you access to all locks in your facility, while employees will have lesser keys that give them access only to certain locks.
  • Give duplicate keys only to vital personnel. Not every employee needs a key to your business. Make sure you only give keys to personnel who absolutely need unfettered access to your facilities.
  • Keep track of your own keys. Make sure you know where your keys are at all times, particularly master keys, if you have them.
  • Insist that your employees return keys when they leave your service.
  • Change or re-key locks after an employee with a key leaves your service on bad terms. This will help prevent burglary if the former employee is disgruntled, or if he or she is careless with your keys.

For key duplicating, master key systems and other services, consult with your Local Locksmith. in Tempe. Locksmiths are experts in their fields and can advise you on the best locks for your business, as well as prudent security practices.

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